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bodega-ribas-talat-control-knx-dalix Bodega-Ribas-Expansionbodega-ribas-talat-control-knx-dalix

Ribas Winery

Boasting of being the oldest on the island, Bodegas Ribas renews itself relying on our Team Talat of Engineering, Installations and Control.

We have carried out all the lighting and climate control installations with Dali and KNX systems, the wine production control as well as the entire electrical and telecommunications installation. Our BIM engineering department was in charge of modeling the complete architectural project and the lighting project in BIM. We included families of luminaires with all their real lighting information (intensity, color temperature and photometry) and performed virtual tours using real-time rendering software.

A collaboration to bring this new building to life, designed by architect Rafael Moneo, together with project managers Clara Moneo and Valerio Canals.