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Rafa Nadal Tennis Center

24,000 m2 of sports facilities, 17,000 m2 distributed between residence, training school, hotel, courts, sports facilities, changing rooms, bar and park areas.

TALAT was chosen for the complete management, executive management, engineering project, installation execution management, project management (project, work and execution coordination, contracting, budget and economic control) and management of the complex through our Talat Smart Hotel Software, a product specifically oriented to this type of facilities.

The implementation of this application in their system gave them the ability to merge their energy data analysis and control systems, all together with the incidents that were generated on a daily basis. This platform also includes the option of managing their technical team through the APP, preventive maintenance, as well as compliance with current regulations regarding installations, legionella, notifications of pool readings to the SILOE system and adaptation to ISO14001 for environmental management and ISO 50001 for certification in management and energy efficiency.

About this great project, our project manager, Antonio Remesal, wrote a article for CERCHA magazinewhere he highlights the particularities of the work and his experience in directing it.

The owner of the Rafael Nadal Tennis Center once again trusted our team to carry out an extension for administrative and sports use. In this new adventure we have been entrusted with the engineering project and construction management of the facilities, material execution management and health and safety coordination of the projected works. The future expansion of the tennis center will consist of 18 new courts, 10 of which will be covered, and will also have a new three-storey building.