Our Engineering team

designs installations with high energy efficiency, minimization of economic investment and maximum respect for the environment.

  • Construction Management
  • Self-protection Plans
  • Health and Safety Studies
  • Commercial, Industrial and Public Use Activities
  • Vacation homes
  • Hotel Upgrades
  • Catering and Leisure
  • Vehicle Homologation
  • Control and supervision
  • Payment tracking
  • Site visits
  • Legalization of facilities
  • Legalization of activities
  • Consultancy and management of LEED CERTIFICATION
  • Environmental impact studies
  • Environmental training
  • Processing of environmental documentation
  • Energy efficiency certification of buildings
  • Low voltage and high voltage
  • Air Conditioning and Heating
  • Photovoltaic Solar Energy
  • DHW (Domestic Hot Water)
  • Smoke extraction and ventilation
  • Gas Installations
  • Telecommunications
  • Fire Protection

Methodology BIM

Using BIM technology, we carry out the pre-construction of a virtual model of the building prior to its material execution, which serves as a large common database on which all project agents collaborate throughout the building's life cycle. This methodology allows us to guarantee total geometric control (BIM 3D), work deadlines (BIM 4D), economic control (BIM 5D), energy efficiency (BIM 6D) and management in the operations and maintenance phase (BIM 7D). The development of projects in BIM guarantees their quality and rigour.



we work to improve the energy efficiency and environmental respect of each project, as well as the use of renewable energies, efficiency in water consumption, sustainable development respecting the nature of free spaces with the selection of materials and natural resources.

We take care of

every detail

  • Engineering.
  • Technical advice.
  • Legalization and homologation.
  • Construction management.
  • Environmental services.