Our developer team

has been working for years on customized software aimed at improving and optimizing facility maintenance processes, taking advantage of our competitive advantage in the Engineering and Control sector. 

We collect data

Directly from your facilities.

Simplifying functions

So that your users can work collaboratively.

We automate tasks

So you don't have to take care of what you can do in one click.

ORACLE.APEX certification and quality

Technology on which we develop customized solutions for your business.

CMMS application

Highly customizable and designed for the integral maintenance of hotels, sports centers, schools, etc.


Fusion Engineering, control and software

to be able to offer a complete and unique solution in the market to our customers through TALAT SMART HOTEL. 


Smart Hotel

is our flagship product, a unique tool in the market that merges energy data analysis and building control systems with the incidents generated on a daily basis.




  • Innobankia 2018
  • SmartIsland Govern Balear
  • Digitizing agent within the Digital Kit Program