Our co-CEO Guillermo Bauzá tells us all the details of DATE, the main tourism fair in the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean.

The Dominican Annual Tourism Exchange (DATE), the main tourism trade show in the Dominican Republic and the insular Caribbean, closed its doors last Friday at the Barceló Bávaro Beach Resort & Convention Center in Punta Cana with record participation and business contacts, and with a clear commitment to diversification and sustainability.

DATE is an event created by the Association of Hotels and Tourism of the Dominican Republic (Asonahores), with the support of the Ministry of Tourism (Mitur) with the objective of having an event to highlight the Dominican tourism product.

A total of 600 delegates attended, including sales companies, clients and the media, together with 37 sponsoring companies, numbers that "confirm what DATE represents in the world of tourism", according to Andrés Marranzini, vice-president of Asonahores.

Our co-CEO, Guillermo Bauzá, was present at this essential event for the future of tourism, the starting point of which coincided with the inauguration of the new Dreams Flora Resort & SpaThis project has the Talat seal in its engineering project, commissioned by ARM Resorts.

We thank the Family Crespi García and Martinón Group the opportunity to participate in key events in this sector. We champion the importance of engineering in the world of tourism, and how its technology can transform the way buildings are planned, designed and constructed.

Talat's presence at this show is a reflection of our commitment to innovation and engineering excellence, and the ability of our Talat Team to lead large-scale projects around the world. We continue to grow in the field of engineering, BIM e facilities, and we are convinced that our experience and commitment are of great value to the world of tourism and construction.

This essential event was also attended by the Minister of Tourism, David Collado, who emphasized that the expansion of tourism in the area is based on a very important premise: sustainability.

Practices such as reuse and energy optimization in hotel accommodations and care for biodiversity, as well as waste management, are key elements to fuel this growth. During the DATE fair, Collado announced that the government will issue a resolution that contemplates the reduction of the use of plastics in hotels because "we are determined that the Dominican Republic will be an example of sustainable and environmentally friendly tourism".

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